Into The Pit This is an NSFW blog, please keep that in mind.
I tend to enjoy .gif's more than regular pictures, so they will be on here often.
I don't post censored hentai, regardless of how cute it is.
I add blogs who add me; and I reblog what I feel is good content or humorous.

No disclaimer, they don't work anyways.

I have a persional blog for dumb shit, check it out.

My Ranting Blog


Where did you get your name from?
I picked it from a list of my chosen nicknames since my old account was deleted.

25 years old, Male, Somewhere hidden behind the internet

Why all the cum, do you like cock or something?
I love cum, it is quite the best part in any pornography. I also like a cute dick here and there.

Can I have Yiff posts?

Where do you get the animated hentai gifs from?
Various image boards, some on tumblr, I also made quite a few.

Would you make me a .gif?
I take Requests, click here to make one.

I have something I'd like to submit.
Then by all means do so.